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  • What are the metals?
    The yellow metal is bronze, the white is .925 sterling silver, and and red it copper!
  • Do they tarnish or turn your skin?
    it is all NICKEL FREE!! Although Everyones body chemistry is different, bronze is typically safe for the average skin sinsitivity. The jewelry itself is pretty low maintaince, bronze being the lowest, it really stays nice and shinny the more you wear them! Sterling is sterling but SUPER easy to polish within seconds!! all copper pieces that sit flat on the skin are plated with bronze ON THE BACK of the piece so it can be worn with no issues!!!
  • How do I polish my jewelry?
    Any regular polishing cloth works GREAT on the jewelry!
  • How do I know my ring size?!
    Look for the links for the RING SIZE CHART on the "rings" and "info" pages!!!
  • What if I ordered the wrong size?!
    No worries at all! Contact our customer service and we will facilitate a speedy resizing or exchange of the item purchased!! Costs will vary depending on services needed!
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