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   Adams is a progressive American metalsmith with a uniquely raw style that delivers a sense of energy and narrative passion through award-winning sculpture and artistic jewelry.  Studying at a range of universities around the world, including Swinburne Uni. of Technology in AU, National Center for Glass Blowing in the UK, and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh US, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts focusing in graphic design, painting, and sculpture.  After studying metalsmithing under a Master and graduating in 2013, Sloane began pursuing a career as an artist, crafting fine jewelry and sculpture.  Using her unique style and techniques, combined with strong and sometimes taboo narratives, her work seems to not only offer an intimate connection between the viewer and the piece, but it can also set the stage for thought provoking discussions of important personal and social issues that now face the World in this 21st Century.

as seen on...

ERYKA BADU  on her 
2023 Unfollow Me Tour

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for ABC's 50th Anniversary

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featured in Ibeyi and Jorja Smith's new music video "Lavender and Red Roses" 2022


Sloane Adams’ “Climate Couture”: A Tale of Activism and Metalsmithing
web article 
February 2022


Singer/Songwriter ASHNIKKO wearing selectpieces for promo in Time Square

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photo may 29, 5 34 06 am.jpg

PBS Artist Series- Sloane Adams
season: 6  episode: 25
july 2017

Other Mention of Awards/ Articles/and Reviews

  • First place Award, BPW Foundation Masquerade Ball, 2015

  • Second place Overall, Waynesboro,VA National Fall Art Show, 2014

  • “Sloane Adams”, WEDU Arts Plus, PBS Broadcasting, Tampa, Aug. 10, 2017

  • “SLOANE Jewelry”, Can’t Contain Cool, AMI Radio , Sarasota, Dec. 15, 2016

  • “Hayley Sloane Adams”, Mitsy Gordon, Creative Pinellas,  Nov. 2015

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